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Welcome to Solomon Global Holdings.
We Run a Diverse Yet Synergistic Portfolio of Dynamic Businesses
Solomon Global Holdings is a conglomerate holding company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, that oversees and manages a number of subsidiary companies across various industries.

Solomon Global Holdings seeks out acquisition opportunities in privately held companies poised for significant growth. We subsequently own a diverse but synergistic range of businesses in various industries including consumer goods, IT, tech marketing, telecom, defense, real estate and strategic management consulting.

The goal of Solomon Global Holdings is to strategically acquire businesses with strong growth potential, an experienced management team, a thorough business plan, high barriers to entry, and a visible exit strategy. We then look to expedite growth, foster creativity, dramatically increase profitability, increase overall valuation and then exit the business at a significant premium.

Solomon Global Holdings is recognized by industry experts as a progressive, cutting edge firm doing what no other company has been able to consistently do – build dynamic and profitable companies under one umbrella - regardless of the economic condition. Solomon Global Holdings is hailed as trailblazers who are taking full advantage of the current economic opportunities and is highly respected by industry peers for its success in helping vibrant entrepreneurs grow strong and viable businesses. Not only is Solomon Global Holdings buying growth-poised companies, but they are expeditiously taking them to the next level through the infusion of intellectual capital, time tested proprietary processes, invaluable experience, key strategic relationships, and clearly defined and well executed exit strategies. 

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