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Our Approach

SGH acquires industry-leading companies and work with management to grow them into thriving, sustainable enterprises — thereby creating shareholder value. We partner with highly motivated management teams to design and implement strategic and operational changes with the objective of taking these businesses to the next level of growth and beyond.

Private Equity

In general, the companies in which we invest with private equity capital are at a transition point in their development, and we act as ‘agents of change’ for those businesses. Our investments can take many forms. We have acquired divisional assets through corporate divestiture transactions, partnered with family-owned businesses and strategic buyers, and purchased and grown companies through industry-consolidation strategies.

Target Industries

While open to opportunities wherever they can be found, we are currently focusing on acquisitions in the following fields: Information Technology, Healthcare Technology, and Social Media Marketing.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is that private equity has the potential to outperform other asset classes by fundamentally improving businesses. This philosophy is founded on a shared set of beliefs:

Private equity ownership can improve businesses by a long-term approach, active ownership, close alignment of interests and good corporate governance.

Maximizing performance within private equity requires deep global experience, extensive research and vision, combined with appropriate risk management.

Our philosophy is founded on the conviction that attractive, risk-adjusted returns can be generated over the long term by creating a diversified portfolio of high quality holdings.

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